A day without outrage is like a day without sunshine 2018-06-13T15:59:32+00:00

A day without outrage is like a day without sunshine.

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Colin Kaepernick

Dear Colin,
Respectfully, I’ve wondered why you couldn’t stand and honor our country’s flag during the anthem and then, kneel down afterwards. If you had done that you would have done much more for your cause, which is such a truly great one. If you’d consider doing that in the future, I pledge to you, that after holding my hand over my heart, and usually crying, thinking about my Uncle Irving, who gave his life for you, me and this country – that I will kneel with you.
Most sincerely,
Karen Fredericks
Below is a picture of my uncle, Irving Shulman. He knows what it means to “sacrifice everything”. You , despite Nike’s ads, do not.

Colin Kaepernick, colin kapernick

Colin Kaepernick this is what “sacrifice everything” means.

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Hush Money, Shush Money!

Hush Money, Shush Money, Funny Money And Now . . . Bunny Money, as Karen McDougal, Playboy’s 1998 Playmate of the Year, goes to court to extract herself from a nondisclosure pact she was paid 150 smackers to sign!

Below: President Trump and Karen McDougal:

President Donald Trump and Playmate / Bunny, Karen McDougal


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