Bad Girls, Uh Huh, Talkin’ Bout Your Bad Girls!

Roseanne Barr and Samantha Bee

Roseanne and Samantha Bee blow out all four tires in one week? Did Samantha just want to get her name in the news too?
Or . . . blame it on the full moon?
Is the N-word – to racism what the C-word is to misogyny? Discuss.

While absolutely not defending Roseanne’s racism, I question her swift, fierce punishment, while watching Dave Chappelle get away without a word, with his “kick a women in the p**sy” Netflix special. My frequent observation: Racism – no way! Misogyny: yay! (And I think that may be the case with Samantha Bee.) I sent a letter about Chappelle’s “violence towards women inspiring rant” to every publication possible and heard not a peep from anyone in response. So again, while not defending Roseanne – I wonder at the much harsher punishment of a woman for hateful speech.
I’m reminded of the statistical fact: women are punished more harshly then men by our legal system. Maybe that needs some addressing too. No maybe about it.
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