Go Easy On Nancy Pelosi, or Slobber On Her?


A friend of mine is a brilliant and well known illustrator who specializes in drawings of celebrities, politicians and famous people. You see his work in every major publication, in print and online. We went to Cooper Union together, and we email each other regularly. Whenever either of us finishes up an illustration assignment, we send it to each other. Hey, you take praise anywhere you can get it. So he just sent me this great illustration of Nancy Pelosi, done for a very major publication.

He says:
“I was surprised that they asked me to take it easy on Pelosi.”

I replied:

“You’re surprised they asked you to take it easy on Pelosi? Is your head stuck in the sand, boy?
The best title of a book I ever read is (just this week) is: The Slobbering Love Affair. It’s about the left leaning media and it’s love affair with obama and the democrats (excluding Hillary, of course.)
So of course they told you to go easy on Pelosi! I am just shocked they didn’t ask you to draw an effing halo around her head!”

Whenever I say anything negative about the Democrats, he gives me the silent treatment, and won’t email me for a week or so. Unless he does another illustration and wants to hear how great it is. Which, it will be.

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Jill Biden Is A Dumb Tacky Tw_t.


Jill Biden

I’ve never gotten a cartoon idea so fast in my life. But after reading about Jill Biden’s asinine slip of the tongue on Oprah, I knew exactly what my cartoon would be, in about a quarter of a nanosecond.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The wife of Vice President-elect Joe Biden let it slip to Oprah Winfrey Monday that Barack Obama gave Biden the choice of being secretary of state or vice president. The vice president-elect tried to hush his wife as soon as the words came out of her mouth, with a loud ”shhh!” that sent the audience into laughter.

Well that Jill Biden really knows how to piss on Hillary’s parade! How tacky. It makes me laugh to think how many times, in this last year, the image I used in my cartoons during the 2008 election was of one Democrat stabbing another in the back. I’ll put them online in a day or two.  Just this week, I did a sketch for a cartoon of Howard Dean, stabbing Hillary in the back, while Dean was being stabbed in the back by Obama, in response to Dean’s getting snubbed, when he was excluded from the event announcing Virginia Governor Tim Kaine as Barack Obama’s choice to take over the Democratic National Committee.
Sheez, Dean only delivered the Presidency to Obama. How Demo-crappy of Obama was that!?!
But, what goes around comes around. Take that, Howard Dean!

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Caroline Kennedy. Again.


What can I say? I find it both hilarious and terrifying that in these extraordinary times, not only will the steering wheel of our nation, be in the hands of a half-term Senator, but David Patterson is actually thinking of putting Caroline Kennedy (please, fax me your resume) in the driver’s seat – I mean Senate seat – of our poor unfortunate State of New York. I feel a screenplay coming on… The Keystone Kops Go To Washington! So, yes, sheeeee’s baaack for another cartoon! Charlie Schumer, please, take your vitamins! You’re all we’ve got!

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caroline kennedy no way!

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The iFart. It’s A Blast!


When I first read about the iFart I was sure it was a joke. But no, it’s quite real. And the man who created iFart, Joel Comm, says that on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, more than 58,000 people purchased a copy of iFart, netting him over $40,000 dollars in just two days.
To paraphrase the famous scene in The Graduate, when the older man gives career advice to Dustin Hoffman:
“I have one word for you, my boy. Flatulence.”

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