My Husband’s Nunsense.


We had just finished watching the movie Doubt, with Meryl Streep. It was really great. And Rick began to tell me some of his Catholic school, “mean nun” stories.

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My Mr. Big


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Mr. BigCarrie Bradshaw, eat your heart out! I would take my Mr. Big over your Mr. Big, in a heartbeat… even if you threw in every pair of Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks that you own… and even if you threw in that fabulous, carpeted, temperature controlled shoe closet  too!

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Fantasy Baseball


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Fantasy BaseballWhen we were first married, I once commented on how handsome the baseball player, Trinidad Hubbard was. Rick grabbed the Fantasy Baseball magazine out of my hands and said: “Rule Number 1. Thou shalt not drool on your husband’s baseball magazines.” A few weeks later, Rick called me from his fantasy baseball draft. He knows how much I hate when he goes away and leaves me alone in the house overnight for this yearly event. I think he feels pretty guilty about it. And I do my very best to see that he does. So I answered the phone with an extra helping of sulk in my voice. I could tell, he was very excited. ” Honey, you’ll never guess what I did for you!” he said. “I bought you Trinidad Hubbard!”

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Putting Things In Perspective: Swine Flu


Well, as I have said, my brother is an uncommonly wise person. And he knows that I am one of those germophobic people who opens doorknobs in public places, with my sleeve pulled down and covering my hand, so that my hand does not touch the germ infested doorknob. So he just sent me this. While I have begun to get nervous abut the swine flu situation, even I had to laugh over this one! That brother of mine, really knows how to put things in perspective!


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The Fortune Cookie


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If the saying is true, that Chinese food leaves you hungry a half hour after eating it, in this case, it left me hungry… for a new husband! Nah. Not really. Where else would I get my cartoons from? I’d have to actually write them. Let’s just say that I know a good thing when I see one.

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