Roger Goodell Receives Joel Steinberg Award!


I was so disappointed when I read the news about Roger Goodell reinstating Michael Vick into the NFL. But I laugh at my naievte. In my last post is tmy original Michael Vick cartoon. It was done when everyone was poo-pooing the idea that Goodell would ever reinstate him. Obviously Goodell was giving them reason to think that.

The quote was, “Vick may have a hard time convincing Roger Goodell to reinstate him.” I wish I could remember where I got that quote from, but it was a year ago. Yeah, some hard time Vick had convincing Goodell! LOL. Vick had him at hello. Here’s a warning to Goodell’s wife, Jane Skinner & their twin daughters: Vick’s back. So keep a close eye on your pets, ladies, because I’d guess your husband / daddy would serve them on a platter to Michael Vick if he felt it would be good for the moneymaking juggernaut called the NFL! And Joel Steinberg’s out of jail now too! So keep a close eye on those little girls of yours at the Joel Steinberg award ceremony! I hear Joel’s not very good with children.

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Michael Vick Has Been Reinstated By The NFL


Okay. First. Genital cancer and creeping fatal flesh eating strep to anyone who was part of the decision to reinstate Michael Vick to the NFL. And that includes Commisoner Goodell of the NFL. Also, a thousand years of bad luck to their descendents. That would seem a suitable reward for such a decision. Michael Vick. You, who were granted enormous gifts beyond what any person living on this earth could dream of, amazing physical strength, speed, agility and skill, fame  – and a fortune of $130 million. And with all that was available to you in this golden world, you chose, for amusement, to shoot and just tonight, I have discovered – to hang – yes hang – poor helpless dogs, for fun and profit. If ever you come to where I live, I dream of spitting on you. Please come visit soon. Oh, and I wish a sudden and painful death to anyone who watches a game that Mr. Vick might play in if any team is low enough to take him on, and to their children too. Michael Vick, have a nice day . 😉

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Michael Vick Has Been Reinstated By The NFL

Michael Vick Has Been Reinstated By The NFL

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Just Because It’s Legal…



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Above is this week’s cartoon from my strip in The Independent. I got an interesting letter about it from a reader. He said:

bernie didn’t lose 65 billion dollars. he stole it. the other guys may have lost more but they didn’t steal it. they may have been stupid and greedy but they are not thieves; thats why bernie’s in jail and they are not. whether we should have bailed them out is another question. i think we should have let them go bust.

While I see his point, I think there’s a lot of grey area here. My response below:

I certainly see the distinction you are making.

But I believe there’s a broader definition of the word “stole.” In a perverse way, Bernie’s the biggest mensch of all of them. He acted alone instead of being part of a looting mob. And unlike these other men, (Pandit, Lewis & Greenberg are simply a few public faces involved in this disaster) Bernie went to jail like a mensch. He’s not hiding behind the manipulation of a system so huge and Byzantine, that those who were supposed to protect us and create value, were able to rob us blind for monumental personal gain, and then head home to their mansions in a chauffeured limousine.
I think we should stop focusing on Bernie. He’s an easy decoy keeping us from focusing on who the real culprits were, the men who robbed our economy, our jobs, the value in our homes and retirement accounts.
I think these men were thieves. Just because it was legal doesn’t mean it wasn’t theft. They should be sharing a jail cell with Bernie. And I agree with you 1000%. I would have let them all go bust too.

And there it was. Just because it was legal, doesn’t mean it wasn’t theft. We wuz robbed! Not just those unlucky souls who invested with Bernie Madoff. Every last one of us who trusted our system.

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