Woopsie! Martha Coakley Joins The Ranks Of The Unemployed.


President Obama. Get out the Q-Tips. Time to listen to America.

I’m in shock. The results of the election were just announced. Martha Coakley blew out all four tires. Well, no surprise. Maybe I’m not the only one who wondered what the despicable Teddy Kennedy was thinking when his own state voted 60% for Hillary Clinton and 40% for Barack Obama only to have him announce that it was time to “pass the mantle” to Barack Obama. What hubris on the part of all involved to think Coakley was entitled to the seat and didn’t need to campaign for it. Shades of Caroline Kennedy: as in – I’m so bored today, maybe I’ll get a manicure, a pedicure and a senate seat.

I go to bed a happy woman. More to say in the morning.

Imagine. Me. Born into a family of Democrats. Worked the phones for Gore, Kerry & Clinton, yet I am euphoric about the victory of a man, a Republican, against a woman’ right to choose, and the right of gay couples to marry: two things I believe in and wish for with all my heart.  Obama. Listen. If you can. I go sleep now. But I’ll try and give you some help in the morning. You can do it. But only if you get out the Q-tips and clean out those big blocked ears of yours.

Sweet dreams for now.

Woopsie! Martha Coakley Joins The Ranks Of The Unemployed.2018-05-12T00:47:47+00:00

Obama Campaigns For Martha Coakley


Today, Robert Gibbs, White House press secretary said that President Obama was both surprised and frustrated about the tight race between Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown as they battle for the senate seat vacated by Teddy Kennedy.

Whoa! If Obama is surprised, his problem bigger than anyone could imagine. That scene from Barton Fink runs through my mind, the scene where John Goodman leans into John Tuturro’s face and screams:
“you know what your problem is… you… just… don’t…  listen!”

Obama. Listen up. Put a muzzle on yappy Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. When you get to be one with the refreshing quietude, maybe you will be able to hear the American people. We don’t want this health care reform. We’re clueless about what’s in the package and are mistrustful of the fact that you don’t seem to think you need share such vital information with us. This reform seems like some trophy you and the Democrats desperately want to win, some fight to the death you got yourself into that will not have any winners. I take that back. There will indeed be winners, big winners:
  1. The health insurers, who will be given tens of millions of new customers, newly required by law to purchase their wares
  2. The gluttonous pharmaceutical corporations, whom you’ve so generously promised that our government, their largest customer, won’t compete or negotiate on drug prices.
  3. Those states whose clever representatives managed to grab hold of your balls and wouldn’t let go until you promised their states pork packages in exchange for their votes.
Who knows how today’s election will end. But one thing is for sure.
You’ve got a big problem. You… just… don’t… listen! Or maybe, you… just… don’t… care.
Below, my cartoon for this week’s Independent:
Obama Campaigns For Martha Coakley2018-05-12T00:47:47+00:00

Biden’s Bull-oney

WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden is entering the fray in the Massachusetts Senate race. Polls show Democrat Martha Coakley in a close race for the late Edward M. Kennedy’s Senate seat. Biden sent an e-mail as part of a stepped-up effort by Democrats to try to close that gap saying Coakley would be a strong ally of Obama and that Brown wouldn’t stand with Massachusetts voters.
Someone might point out to Joe Biden that Kennedy didn’t much “stand with Massachusetts voters” either, when he decided that despite Massachusetts voters clearly choosing Hillary Clinton in a 60/40 vote against Obama in the primary, Kennedy decided it was time to “pass the mantle” to Obama.
Biden’s Bull-oney2010-01-16T02:42:05+00:00

The Underwear Bomber


I haven’t posted for so long because I couldn’t bear to have that gorgeous picture of Rudy removed from the very top of the page. But the time has come. So here is this week’s cartoon.

The Underwear Bomber2018-05-12T00:47:47+00:00