Run Sarah Run


The text version: Sarah Palin has both the Democratic and Republican party machines fearing she’ll make a run for President in 2012. (more…)

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Super Bowl Sexism. Bool-Ya!

Women are so sensitive to how they are portrayed in advertisements, and rightly so. Without the vigilance and activism of the past several decades we’d still be watching airline ads soliciting our business with a come on like, “hi, I’m Rebecca, fly me.” So when I saw this ad it occurred to me that no one is taking on the responsibility of rooting out advertising that portrays men in damaging or stereotypical ways.
The ad below comes from Surefit Slipcovers.
The barely hidden subtext is that men are…
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I’ll Buy My Own Damn Politicians, Thank You.


It seems so simple to me. We should pay for campaigns with our tax dollars. It would be the best money we ever spent. It would buy us politicians who understood exactly who was putting them into office, removing them from office. paying for their handsome salaries, and their “Cadillac” lifetime, as in – forever – health plans. Part of the deal in getting an FCC license should be that during elections every candidate gets equal time for free and for equal amounts of time. A bare set. No makeup artist. No hairdresser. And that means you, John Edwards.

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“Lost” Is Lost On Me.


Well, I hope you enjoyed the season premiere of “Lost,” last night.
I would have lived through ONE hour. But midway through the SECOND hour… I LOST it. I behaved badly, and did a very loud and gurgly imitation of Said’s death. Of course, flailing about, as if I was drowning, was part of the authenticity I was aiming for. I was led from the room and put on the “time out couch.” Rick returned to the den and shut the door behind him so that he could watch in peace. I was saved from my desolation by two things… my neighbor’s gift of a box of pastries from Pierre’s and… not having to watch that goddamn silly LOST!!!! The glass of brandy helped too. When the show was over, Rick asked where the pastries had gone. I told him about the big flash of light by the refrigerator. I could only assume that we’d gone back in time and it was before the pastries existed. In fact it was probably before the time they’d even been baked. Yes, I know, this did seem unlikely. But then again, I told him I did have a headache and my ears were buzzing, just like when they flashed through time on Lost. When he patiently asked me once again where the pastries had gone, I pretended that I couldn’t hear because of the strange loud buzzing in my ear. I’m not sure he believed me.
It was fun talking to you the other day.

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