The Economic Meltdown:
Perpetrators Still Perpetrating!


This cartoon leapt out of my head at the NY Press Association shin-dig this week. The guest speaker was Tom DiNapoli, NY State comptroller. He was spinning our economic woes on the softener cycle when he said: “remember, we recovered from 9/11 and we’ll recover from this.” I got instantly so majorly pissed off that when the Q&A happened I wish I had had the nerve to ask DiNapoli if there wasn’t a very stark difference between the near destruction of our economy and 9/11. And maybe it would be a good idea, since Obama has the perpetrators of the meltdown at the wheel, maybe he should ask Osama Bin Laden to join the crew. Hey, why not! He’d fit right in.

But then, the Q&A coincided with dessert and not only did I lose my nerve, but there was a big fat brownie lodged in my mouth.

The Economic Meltdown:
Perpetrators Still Perpetrating!

The Pope’s Excuse.


So, the Vatican won’t defrock this priest, even though he defrocked 200 boys. Oh, and they were deaf boys. I’d say that it’s the Vatican that’s deaf, wouldn’t you? Does this possibly add a tiny grain of disbelief to the argument that the only reason the Pope joined the Nazi party when he was younger, was because he had to? What convenient excuse does he have for going along with this? Here it is.

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Death & Taxes. Thank You Congressman Tim Bishop.


So, Timmy Bishop, When you were in Washington, bending over for the big boys, did anyone discuss Walmart, the (?) largest employer in America – just to name the big kahuna – and their strategy of keeping most employees part time so that can get hugely rich  by avoiding paying for the health insurance of their tens of thousands of  little drones? Or was it just easier to strong arm us single little drones, woopsie, I mean, citizens, into this mandatory health insurance?

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Is Congressman Tim Bishop On Drugs?


So, here’s this week’s cartoon. Where is Joe Wilson (you lie!) when we need him? The fatuous Tim Bishop could use a Joe Wilson treatment right about now. Anyway, one good thing – maybe the only good thing – is that he has a charming and hilarious Deputy Cheif of Staff named Jon Schneider. I hope HE runs for Congress in November. I certainly won’t be voting for Bishop. But I’d vote for Jon in a heartbeat. He responded to my post about Tim Bishop’s website going positively paleolithic by not having any option for a woman to sign on as Ms, offering her only Mrs & Miss – hello 1962. That post  with a screenshot is here:

Jon Schneider’s very funny response:

Dear Ms. Fredericks,

Miss-take fixed. Just wanted to shoot you a line to let you know that we appreciate you flagging the “Miss-take” on our website comment form… and while I don’t know how this “Mrs-tery” occurred it has been fixed and “Ms” is now an available option when one leaves a comment.  I appreciate you indulging my need for morning puns and again, apologize for any “Ms-ery” this may have caused.  OK, that was the last one.


Just the text from the cartoon: (hello search engines!)

Tim Bishop’s Congressional insurance offers 10 plans his family can choose from. He’s fully vested for lifetime benefits after five years.And we, the taxpayers, pick up his tab.
Bishop said he voted for thisHealth Care Bill because it will give Americans the same kind of options he enjoys as a Member of Congress.
Does he think we’re stupid enough to believe that? Is Tim Bishop on drugs?
If he is, I’m sure they’re fully covered by his fabulous Congressional plan.
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Your Drink Of Choice.


Ittttttt’ssss Wednesday! So here’s this week’s cartoon from the Independent.

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