Let’s Get This Party Started!


Glad to hear the comments from Nick, on the previous post. He touches on the very topics I’ve been wrestling with. I hope he doesn’t mind that I’ve republished his comment below.

He refers to me as a “populist on the Right,” and then thoughtfully questions if that is my “label” of choice. I wish he had been at the dinner table for the discussion preceding my recent cartoon about “Democrats” losing their sense of humor when it comes to Sarah Palin. Democrat was far too broad a label. I tried and crossed out Liberal, Progressive. Nothing was exactly right. He’s correct. There’s so much crossover these days. And, funny, I was just thinking how strange it is, living in an East Coast, super-liberal community. Everyone here assumes I’m a real conservative. But I worked the phones for Gore. Kerry & Clinton (H!). In 2008 the Democratic party I knew morphed into something I no longer recognized – or wanted to be part of. And I was no Obama fan. Without any formal religious background… my religious affiliation: Democracy. So, no chance I’d give up my vote. I voted for John McCain. I liked him, I respected him. I admired much about his 26 year Senate gig. Yes, I hated some of his ideology.It was my first vote for a Republican. No regrets. So, Nick, what do you think about the label “Centrist?” If you want to know what I prefer to be called, Centrist suits me just fine.
Hmmm Sounds like a nice name for a new Party! No?

Nick’s comments below:

So you’re in favor of government regulation of bankers, preventing too big to fail,and against Goldman Sachs foxes like Paulson, Rubin, Geithner, Summers & Bernanke? Like it or not, the Progressive movement is in agreement. I’m guessing we may disagree on many things (health reform, energy policy, etc.) but I would love if populists on the Right (I’m not sure what you prefer to be called) and populists on the Left/Progressives could join forces at least on financial reform to regain control of our country from corporations and their lobbyists.