The Pope’s Excuse.


So, the Vatican won’t defrock this priest, even though he defrocked 200 boys. Oh, and they were deaf boys. I’d say that it’s the Vatican that’s deaf, wouldn’t you? Does this possibly add a tiny grain of disbelief to the argument that the only reason the Pope joined the Nazi party when he was younger, was because he had to? What convenient excuse does he have for going along with this? Here it is.

The Pope’s Excuse.2018-05-12T00:47:46+00:00

Death & Taxes. Thank You Congressman Tim Bishop.


So, Timmy Bishop, When you were in Washington, bending over for the big boys, did anyone discuss Walmart, the (?) largest employer in America – just to name the big kahuna – and their strategy of keeping most employees part time so that can get hugely rich  by avoiding paying for the health insurance of their tens of thousands of  little drones? Or was it just easier to strong arm us single little drones, woopsie, I mean, citizens, into this mandatory health insurance?

Death & Taxes. Thank You Congressman Tim Bishop.2018-05-12T00:47:46+00:00