Supremely Silly Speculation


Is Elena Kagan headed to the Supreme Corut?

Just the text:
Elena Kagan is an interesting choice for the Supreme Court.
But all this speculation over whether she’s gay or not is ridiculous!
It has nothing to do with how good a Supreme Court Justice she’ll be.
Next thing you know the Supreme Court will have a “don’t ask, don’t tell policy just like the army.

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Those were some snazzy GM commercials  trumpeting the repayment of the billions of borrowed TARP money! But GM forgot to mention the fact that they, GM, used more government TARP money to pay back the first round of TARP money. So they must have also funded those snazzy commercials with TARP money. Well, in the spirit of full disclosure, I have used no TARP money to CARP about the TARP money scam our government is running with the likes of GM and the elite “too big to fail” club.

GM pays back TARP loans

Just the text:
GM paid back all that TARP money it borrowed from the government.
But there’s one important fact GM isn’t telling you about that.
They used money borrowed from the government to pay off the TARP loan.
Maybe we can borrow money from GM to pay off our GM car loan.

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