Malia Obama Smokes a Doobie! America… Guard Your Snacks!










Sniff, sniff, sniff. Is that pot I smell?

Well, yes it is. So it certainly seems. First daughter, Malia Obama was photographed smoking what appears to be a doobie at the Lollapalooza Music Festival.

The pictures are all over . . . but not a single mention of it in the New York Times. Not in the print version. Not online.

I’ve often said, it’s hard to tell whether the Times is covering Obama, or campaigning for Obama. Even when he’s no longer running for president.



For example, compare the cover treatments of Obama vs Hillary below. Ouch! No more need to be said. Except . . . not even Giselle Bundchen could survive the savagery of this retoucher’s assault.


ObamaCover-243x300 HillaryPlanet-251x300

So when I went to look for any mention of Malia’s hijinks, I was not surprised to see nada, nothing, zip. And that was the inspiration for this week’s cartoon for The Independent.


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