Howdy Saudi. Naughty Saudi. Obama Said No. Aught He?


My Lawyers Will Be In Touch With You. Maybe.
From The Times:
WASHINGTON — President Obama vetoed legislation allowing families of victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to sue the government of Saudi Arabia for any role in the plot, setting up an extraordinary confrontation with a Congress that unanimously backed the bill and has vowed to uphold it.

Hmmm. Not sure what I think. What about you? Read about it here:
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UPDATE: Congress Votes to Override Obama Veto on 9/11 Victims Bill

Below is a cartoon on the topic that came to mind reading about the current situation, and so, it’s having an encore on the blog.



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MBA’s For The NBA?


Today The Times asks:
Why Not a College Degree in Sports? And Voila! I had my cartoon for the week.
Apparently this isn’t a new idea. In 1990, in the wake of a series of college athletic scandals, economist William F. Shughart II asked this question in an op-ed essay in The Wall Street Journal: “Why should academic credit be given for practicing the violin, but not for practicing a three-point shot?”

So I’m running two cartoons here. The above current cartoon, sparked by today’s Times article – and I’m also adding a related cartoon (below) that I did a while back when our local team, the Killer Bees, were in danger of missing the playoffs due to their not-so-stellar schoolwork. My husband Rick adores the Bees and has covered them since the late 80’s, even writing about them for the New York Times. Anyway, that’s a whole other story. So when he came home upset over the possiblity of the Bees missing the playoffs this cartoon came straight from our conversation. I guess you’d call it a convertoon.

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Tie Dye For


This weekend a dear old friend came to visit. Although we speak on the phone, we hadn’t seen each other for over a decade. When she called to say she’d be coming to East Hampton for the weekend and would love to visit, I was beyond delighted. But I warned her, she’d be staying in Rick’s “man cave.” (It has it’s own private bath!) She reminded me that that’s where she had stayed in the past. “Does it still have a Grateful Dead theme,” she asked?

Ha!  Wait till she sees the new tie dyed set of towels!

So, funny coincidence that Rick had also unearthed an old tie dyed tee shirt recently and I’d gotten a cartoon out of it.





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Georgina Bloomberg “Gives Something Back.”



The Hamptons Classic is here in town! And so’s Georgina Bloomberg, daughter of Billionaire Ex-Mayor Mike! This reminds me to dig out all my Mike Bloomberg cartoons and post them here on the blog! Goodness gracious! There might be enough of them to give them their own category! As for our new Mayor, Bill DiBlasio, he’s just not that much fun, so I’m not getting any cartoons out of him yet. Sad face.




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