Who Are You Calling A Chain Store?



A few weeks ago I posted about Georgina Bloomberg and her charity, The Rider’s Closet. Only in the Hamptons, folks. It reminded me of a recent big flap over the possibility of a 7-11 coming to town. People were quite divided over the issue. Of course, the south of the highway residents were appalled – and fought against it. Their point was that it was a chain store, and that’s not something that’s “done” in the Hamptons. Well, East Hampton is lined with chain stores! From Tiffany’s to Ralph Lauren to Cashmere, Cashmere. But no one seems to mind that a bit. Except of course, those of us who remember the way it used to be. The Pork Store was next to the movie theater and Rowe’s Pharmacy was just a few doors up. Sfx: Nostalgia laced sigh.

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