Was Tiger Woods Wearing A Condom?


Was Tiger wearing a condom? I should hope so! That question popped into my mind while reading about “spank me hard, dirty girl”, Mindy Lawton. She’s the bad girl in the lower right hand corner. Yeah, don’t tell me you aren’t wondering the same thing yourself! And what a whore that Tiger is! A sleep around, cheatin’ whore. A man whore. A total ho! He a ho!

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Tiger Woods and his alleged gal pal boinkees. And more to come, so they say!

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March Madness


Well the world may be crashing down around our ears, but this week the only loud noise I am hearing is the top volume 24/7 of the television. It’s March Madness!  So to heck with the politics! Here’s this week’s cartoon:

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Was It Something I Said?


Well, after posting yesterday’s cartoon about Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez, I realized that I loved doing a cartoon that was related to sports! My husband is a sports FREAK. I, on the other hand, need a cheat sheet, and three chances, to tell the difference between a baseball and a football. Rick was so thrilled when I asked him to make sure I had spelled their names right. And how proud he was, explaining what part the senate sub-committee had played in the steroid investigation, so that my cartoon remained vaguely factual His excitement was evident when he mentioned seeing a book called Sports for Women, and had thought about buying it for me at Christmas.
“Maybe I should have,” he wondered aloud, positively lighting up with a glimmer of hope. I was touched. And saddened too. I could see how lonely it must be for him, living with me.
On Superbowl Sunday, while we ran out to shop for the requisite “nacho fest,” Rick hopped out of the car to run a quick “nacho fest” related errand. I remained in the car, lost in my own thoughts. The radio was blasting his sports channel. I’ve learned to tune that out. It’s become the background music of any time spent in the car together. Shortly, Rick hopped back into the car.
“Who’s winning?” he asked breathlessly.
“Who’s playing?” I replied.

He looked at me with a combination of disdain, disbelief and disappointment. I knew at that moment, if there were such a thing as instantly un-marrying someone, I would have been left standing on the curb as he sped away.

So, last night, he comes in the door from work. I can tell he’s all excited about something.
“Did you hear about Alex Rodriguez?!? He’s really hurt!”

And I replied:
“Because of my cartoon?”

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