This cartoon leapt out of my head at the NY Press Association shin-dig this week. The guest speaker was Tom DiNapoli, NY State comptroller. He was spinning our economic woes on the softener cycle when he said: “remember, we recovered from 9/11 and we’ll recover from this.” I got instantly so majorly pissed off that when the Q&A happened I wish I had had the nerve to ask DiNapoli if there wasn’t a very stark difference between the near destruction of our economy and 9/11. And maybe it would be a good idea, since Obama has the perpetrators of the meltdown at the wheel, maybe he should ask Osama Bin Laden to join the crew. Hey, why not! He’d fit right in.

But then, the Q&A coincided with dessert and not only did I lose my nerve, but there was a big fat brownie lodged in my mouth.